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This is me and my hubby. We are your typical high school love story. We met in kindergarden on the school bus. Nothing came about until I was 17 and he was 18. Stared dating in 2003. He proposed Christmas Eve 2006 at our elementary school. Very romantic. :) We got married in 2008 and had our son in 2010. I work as an office manager while I finish college and write my blog in my free time.

This is little man. Isn't he a cutie?! He is a little devil though. He just turned 2. We have certainly got our hands full with him. He loves to be outside, fish, swim, play with monster trucks or play on his new swing set. Always has to be doing something. Looking forward to signing him up for sports though!

These are the "Bros" as little man calls them. I couldn't find a newer picture so I just used this one. They are chugs. The one on the left is Harley and the one on the right is Dallas. My little man LOVES these two dogs. Dallas is super protective of him and Harley likes to be his right hand man. It's cute to watch the three of them.

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