Saturday, April 28, 2012

Favorite Things

Every Saturday I decided I would post a few of my favorite things.
My new FAVORITE thing are these Annie's fruit snacks in tropical punch flavor. I was expecting to get some gross cardboard like snacks. I was definitely wrong. They are great and super fruity tasting. My little man loves them too. I like the fact that I can give him his fruit snacks like he craves and know that at least they are organic so its a step in the right direction.
Smoothie King has a strawberry Slim 'n Trim smoothie that is great for an on the go breakfast. It has a hint of coconut to it too which makes it kind of tropical. {I think I've got a pattern here ;) }It's supposed to aid in weightloss and it helps keep me full so I don't snack in between meals. I'm awful at snacking!

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