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Meaningful Monday's


Yesterday began our family vacation to the mountains. We left about six and drove forever in the rain. At least the rain slowed to a stop when we got here. We took little man to wonderworks and he had a blast. They had a bubble area where you could make huge bubbles and put yourself inside it. After that we went to the mayfield ice cream store and got the kids a treat. Then came back to relax in the hot tub. All in all a relaxing day. Now somehow we are on vacation and we are all wide awake at 6:00. Really? We always want to sleep in at home but it seems when we get the chance we just can't. Stinks but oh well. Will post pictures when we get home!!!

Giveaway #2

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Monday Madness

So sorry I have not posted in a few days! Life has been a little hectic. Saturday a cold front rolled in and so we visited with my family for a little bit. Carson was supposed to go on a playdate but it was so cold out we both decided to re-schedule. Chasing after a 20 month old for 8 hours by yourself, doesn't leave too much blogging time. :) We made valentines day crafts all day Sunday. He made the cutest cards for his teachers. Going on a little trip later this week, definitely looking forward to it! It will be Carson's first real vacation. We are going with another couple and their kids. It's supposed to snow in the mountains all week... pray we get to see snow! It has been a "green" winter here. Tonight we are to get some ice but in the south that will shut us down. We shall see. Hope you all enjoy the "ice storm". :)

Fantastic Friday :)

I will announce the winner first thing tomorrow! Today was rather amusing. We had to take little man to his 18 month check up.. A little behind schedule but that's another story. But he had to have shots and my child is terrified of bandaids, I wish I had a camera! I thought I would be a good mommy and so we picked him up early from daycare to play at home. We have watched toy story 3 3 times tonight! When he likes something he becomes obsessed! Guess that make the playroom decor a little easier to figure out. ;) Tomorrow we are going on a playdate and to the thrift store, so I'm hoping to have some cute pictures for y'all. Until then...

Tuesday Favorite's

Today I decided that I will post a CUTE project I saw on Pintrest. I am going to make this this weekend for Carson's teacher as a valentine's day present. Here is the link . Picture from her blog. Super cute Don't you think?! On a different note... I think little man is getting sick! They said he just wanted to nap today at daycare. I don't think I can handle another "bug" coming into this house. We had a stomach bug go around between the three of us for two weeks and then an awful cold for almost a month. It would be nice to be sick free... lysol, lysol, lysol! :)

Super Not

So I feel completely un-american saying this... but I did not watch the SuperBowl. Don't ask me how... We finished working in the toy room and by the time we realized it the game was over. It was totally worth it though because the "clean-up job" we did in there looks amazing! Look for yourself. Looks great doesn't it! I am obsessed with organization. Now we are trying to figure out what theme we want to do in his toy room. He is in love with Toy Story 3 but I can't decide between that or Dr. Suess theme. I want Dr. Suess in the toy room and Toy Story 3 in the bedroom... hubby doesn't want Dr. Suess. The choices, the choices! ;)

Sunshiny Day

Today it is absolutely gorgeous outside! The sun is shining, there is a breeze... couldn't ask for a better day. We decided this weekend we were going to tackle my son's toy room. It is a total disaster. I sold his toy box because he refused to either play with anything inside of it or put anything back in if I took it out for him. Random, I know. So we sold it and used the money to make custom shelving for his toy room closet. I am hoping to get that done by the end of today so on Friday I can paint him room Toy Story 3 themed. His latest obsession. ;) See it was awful without the toy box! Oh, and about a month ago hubby fell through the ceiling so we had a massive hole right above the ladder. Fixed now. He's a good little helper. Hehe. Since I was introduced to pintrest, I have tried to become all thrifty. If the other moms can do, why can't I? I went to the local thrift store and I found the cutest candle holder. It was white at one point but had become so chi

Boy oh boy!

Carson loves to ride his four-wheeler. Nothing makes him happier in this world. We found out last night that our good friend's are about to have a boy. I can already tell when he is 6 months my child will have already taught him how to ride standing up... he did! I always wanted a little girl. We could play dress-up, sing and dance to Britney Spears, and do all the fun girly things. Never did I expect to have a boy who likes to pretend fart, ride four-wheelers, and scare the heck out of someone. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. He makes every day completely different and unexpected. He is mommy's "Little Son-Shine".  


I think the hardest part about creating a blog is naming it. You think about all the different ideas you want to talk about and somehow that needs to translate into your name. I am 25 years old. Work full time/full time college student, happily married and we have a wonderful 20 month old son. I love to work on crafts that I find on pintrest and cook new recipes. I can't wait to share our "chaotic" life with you and look forward to hearing from you as well! Welcome!