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Body By Vi

I am now an independent distributor for Body by Vi. They are weight loss shakes that are YUMMY! They don't taste like the nasty, chalky stuff. They have a special that if you refer three people you get your next month's shakes for free. It's an awesome product! Everyone check it here . Are you interested in buying Body by Vi products or becoming a distributor like I am? If so you can sign up on my site or e-mail me with any questions at xoxo, The Cantrell's

Hype Energy Drinks

We had the opportunity to review some Hype Energy Drinks. My husband loves energy drinks because he works the night shift a lot. They were very good and crisp. I loved the black one because it was more on the fruity side. My husband loved the fact that they gave him more energy than other competitors without feeling jittery. Another great thing about them is that they contain 10 different vitamins. Not many other energy drinks could say that! We will certainly be buying them now instead of our others. Check them out at You can order them from their site at . They cost about $1.50 each... if I did my math right. ;) But you buy them by the case for $34.95. They were kind enough to host a giveaway as well! One lucky reader will win a Hype hat and T-Shirt. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photo Design

Tomorrow I have the day to myself! I am so looking forward to it. I meet with my trainer super early then after that... NOTHING. So I want to start working on my upcoming posts and giveaways, etc. Yes, that is what I love to do with my free time. It makes me super excited. It's nice to have a hobby that I can really get into again, especially with having a kid. I am finding it hard to stick to just one or two main topics on this blog. It follows our life and now I am leaning towards organizational/family style blog... yet still going green. I am really big on that this summer. But I also want to do sales that I would love to share with my readers. I had a coupon blog last summer but with a one year old it was too crazy, so I think I am going back and doing two blogs now. One with our chaotic lifestyle and then one all about savings. Opinions? While I am working on them tomorrow, I really want to do some blog design work. HOWEVER, I am clueless! What are some of the photo softwar

Swing with me!

So little man got a swing set for his birthday. He loves it! He has learned how to use a "big boy swing" for the first time. Super cute. My hubby and I have been discussing potty training a lot too. We can't decide what the best way to go about it is. I've heard several people say to put him in big boy undies and just tell them they don't want to ruin them. I don't think that will work for him. He could care less about any character type thing out there. I've tried the reward system.. Doesn't work for him. His grandparents spoil him so he knows he will get whatever he wants even if we don't give it to him. I need more ideas! Anyone out there try something different to train their little ones? Xoxo, cantrells

Happy Father's Day

Little Man is 2!

So my little man turned 2 on Wednesday. How depressing! He is growing up way to fast. I just wish there was a way to keep these precious moments forever. But his party this weekend was a blast. I hired a photographer... she did an AMAZING job! Y'all should check her out if your in the north metro Atlanta area. She does pictures and party planning. Her business is called Bashes by Blair. Here is a link to her blog. Check out my angel!

Get organized!

So I have decided to start a little segment called "Get Organized". All of my friends and co-workers make fun of me because I am OCD about organization. I could LIVE in the Container Store. Hubby wouldn't like that too much though ;). But they always say "I will pay you to make me organized" so I thought I would share all my lovely techniques and internet finds. I am converting to WordPress soon and will be able to link these all together then. Today's find that I will share is the Excel spreadsheet I use to keep up with grocery spending and savings. I found it from a fellow blogger, The Coupon Project. She has a free download available on her blog. It's amazing. You just punch in your numbers and it does all the work. I even like how you can set your budget for the month and it lets you know how much you have left to spend for the month. This really helps me stay on target with my grocery shopping and spending. Another piece of advice... never taking

Stairs of Sand Review

I am typically one of those readers who goes in the book store and buys the first book I see with a cute cover. Needless to say almost every book I read is exactly the same. Girl falls in love with boy, boy falls in love with girl. The end. Getting rather predictable. I figured I would mix it up by doing some book reviews. I am applying to review any book I see. This should help broaden my horizon right? :) I had the opportunity to review a novel called Stairs of Sand by Eileen Granfors. I need to say upfront that this story does use some curse words, etc. However, I really enjoyed it. It was about Suzanne, or Zoozle, and her mother and they "chaotic" journey they go through in their lives together. Suzanne is what her mother would think of as a rebellious and wild child, even in her 20's. As you read you realize she isn't so wild after all. Things just aren't how they seem. Eileen did a great job of helping the reader understand why Suzanne is so crazy and why

Wordless Wednesday

So true.

Wordless Wednesday

School Blues

Why does the cost of an education seem to do nothing but go up? I mean really, when I first started college it was $1500 a semester. Now I am looking at $4000 a semester. In tough times like these, who can afford that?! Oh well. Guess I need to start planting a money tree for when my son is 18. :)) I signed little man up for gymnastics. I am so excited! He loves to "flip over" so I bet he will love this! His party is coming up this weekend. Everyday I hear him sing Happy Birthday to you little man. Hehe it's so cute.I ordered the cutest little gift bags. I will be posting pictures as soon as we get them back for all to see. Our garden is FINALLY starting to produce some veggie's. When I watered them yesterday I noticed SEVERAL different flowers on the squash plant, so that gives me hope. It's the first time I have planted a garden using seeds instead of the pre-grown stuff. I figured if I was going to spend all that money for pre-grown plants I should just go

Favorite Things

It's been a while but I thought I would give two new "Favorite Things"... My pink Kitchen Aid mixer. It is amazing! I know they can be pricey but I have to say it is worth every penny. I can make cakes, brownies, etc. super fast and easy with this. They also have several different attachments so it can "transform" itself into several other appliances. I want to look into the pasta maker one and the grinder one. I have always thought it would be fun to make my own pasta... weird I know but hey sounds cool. And then my husband hunts so it would really come in handy to have our own grinder. No need to buy some big machine if I can just buy a small attachment, right? ;) Thanks Santa for this wonderful gift a few years back!! LOVE IT!! These little banana smoothie mixes are yummy! You can find them in the produce section of your grocery store. Or at least I always see them at ours in GA. They are about .79 cents each. Just add bananas, milk, ice and a packet

Blog Hop Fridays

So in an attempt to get more followers I am going to be doing some blog hops today! Check out the ones I have joined:

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Missed me?

So it has been a while since I have gotten to post. Let me catch you up to speed... I finally got my gift for mothers day from my son's daycare. I love it! Every time he sees it he has to say "Look mommy. I made that for you. Mothers day." And then he gives me a big hug and kiss! I love it!! My husband and I went with a group of friends to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in concert. It was so much fun! A very much needed "date" with the husband. It was pretty cool, while we tailgated Jason and Luke drove by in their Bronco and hung out with everyone. Who does that?! It was awesome! My garden has gotten quite huge. This picture I am posting is from when I was originally going to update y'all on it but never got around to it. I will post another one later today to show you. But we are excited. Everything has begun flowering so it shouldn't be much longer now. I ordered Insanity. I have a lot of Facebook friends who have done it and highly rec