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Tough Girl Tutu Review & Giveaway

So I was VERY excited to write this review! As I have mentioned before, I did my first 5k and really looking forward to my second. Well I am signed up to do one this Sunday. But at my first one I saw so many girls in tutu's! It was the best idea ever! Working with Tough Girl Tutu's I finally have my own! It is so adorable. I am looking forward to wearing. Of course, I couldn't resist and I had to try it on while I worked out at home. I choose the leopard print tutu. Even cuter! It was extremely comfortable and I could tell it won't bother me while running. After my run this weekend I will take a picture of me in it! Believe me you will be seeing MANY pictures of me in this cute thing. AH! I am so ecstatic to wear it lol. Tough Girl Tutu's is wanting to do a giveaway with me! One lucky reader will get her own tutu! Good luck! :)) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Earth Balance Review & Giveaway

I am trying to get our family to eat more organic and natural stuff. It gets a little hard because things can be so expensive. I was lucky to learn about Earth Balance. They have several different types of products like soymilk, dressings, spreads, and more. I decided to try the whipped spread and the coconut spread. Sorry I have to use their generic photos... long story but my photos got erased. :(( They were great! The whipped spread you could just take out of the fridge and use. You didn't have to sit around and wait on it to become a little soft before spreading. I always hate that. It wasn't over powering like most spreads usually are either. No greasy mess. The coconut spread I loved to cook with. We used it when making muffins and they were delicious. Even my husband said best batch of muffins ever. Which from him is a compliment, for sure! Coconut spread is supposed to be much better for you over any type of spread so I was glad to see it tasted good. I alw

Wordless Wednesday


So I was all excited back in April when I did my first 5K. I think we did it in 32 minutes? Anyways, I said I wanted to do more... but I have yet to do another! I had a blast doing the Color Run. I am trying to find some that are more family friendly to where I can take little man with me. He loves to be outdoors, so it is definitely something we could both enjoy. I've been thinking of practicing at the park and getting ready for the fall round of 5K's. Ah! Just gotta start doing it I guess. Well lets see how many I can get signed up for this Summer/Fall! :)) Wish me luck... I think I'll need it!

Niapads Review & Giveaway

So we were chosen to review a product called Niapads. They are acne wipes, and at first we were skeptical if they would work. We don't have acne but we do have the occasional break-out so thought we should give them a shot. They were great! It made our breakouts go away fast and left our skin feeling fresh. I have really dry skin and after using the Niapads I don't anymore. Love it! They were so simple to use. You moisten your skin, then wet the wipe. Scrub your face, wait 15 seconds and rinse. It's that easy. I loved that it came in a re-sealable pouch, so you use one wipe and close it back up. No drying out of anything. I always hate that! You can check them out here: ~GIVEAWAY~ (1) Lucky winner will receive a pack of Niapads! Enter below. Winner will be selected at random by Rafflecopter. Winner has 24 hours to respond or it goes to next runner-up. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wordless Wednesday

Favorite Things

This past weekend was a little crazy so I wasn't able to do my Favorite Things post. So I'm sorry for the delay ;) The beach has been my biggest motivation for weight loss. There is nothing I want more than to go to the beach and feel good about WHATEVER I wear. We are taking a family vacation in a little bit and so this has kept me going. It will also be little man's first trip to the beach, so we are excited about that. My go to snack for the past few nights has been broccoli. Nothing like a good bowl of steamed broccoli with some salt and pepper. It is packed with vitamins and so it doesn't hurt you if you eat the whole bowl... thank god because I do. :)

Today's Giveaways

*Today only go here for a chance to win an iPad. Ends tonight at 11:59! *Go here for a chance to win a Crane Humidifier! We have one for our little man and we love it. Anytime he has ever been sick we just turn it on and the next morning he feels a million times better.

Madame Deals

All of my fellow bloggers looking to participate in a giveaway check this one out! We will be giving away Louis Vuitton bag! This will help bring traffic to your site as well.

Summer Social Giveaway

Mark your calendars for June 18th! We will be participating in a Summer Social Giveaway! One Grand Prize Winner will receive: A GK Curling Iron and Conditioner ($150 value) A Barbar Hair Product ($150 value) An Exuviance 3 Piece Age Repair Set ($150 value) And More Prizes to come! 3 Runners up will receive A GK Curling Iron and Conditioner ($150 Value) Come back then to enter for your chance to win!

Huggies Rewards

All parents who buy Huggie's Diapers should be aware of the Huggies Rewards program. If you haven't heard of it yet, go here and sign up for a new account today. Your Huggie's products all have codes inside them. Just enter the codes and save up points to earn free things. Here are some codes I used today, but please be ware that I do not know when they will expire so use them soon! I used mine today to earn this free training potty cover for only 350pts. * JXBQX-LWHPP-HPPGB – 34 pts. * LNXBX-DXTSH-BSPGB – 34 pts. * BBWSJ-TDHDT-PTPGB – 34 pts. * BBWTN-CMZRL-PPPGB – 34 pts. * BCXWH – SFFSF- ZSPGB – 34 pts. * BBWZZ – RTRRH-SKPGB – 34 pts. * BBMKJ-CWQWD-GZPGB – 34 pts. * BBQCX- GGQBX- SSPGB – 34 pts. * BCBCK -PXQNK-KGPGB – 34 pts. * BCBHC- JXSNF-TWPGB – 34 pts. * BBXJG- QPMKN-NQPGB – 34 pts. * BCPJC JBXGD PCPGB – 34 pts. * BBLWG BKMQL SNPGB – 34 pts. * BCXMX GGJWZ WFPGB – 34 pts. * BCWPP SDLLF SFPGB – 34 pts. * BCCBD-JBCTB-HFPGB – 34 pts. * ZQQGS-FLRLM-XBPGB – 34 pts. *

Weekend Sales!!

Here are all the great deals for this weekend! I will keep adding to it as I find more. :) Retail *Osh Kosh has a great deal on their shirts right now. Starting at $6.95 when regular $16.

Weir's Furniture

Weir's Furniture is doing a giveaway on their facebook page! One lucky fan will win this hip loveseat sectional and ottoman from Veranda Classics. The set features reversible cushions in stone Sunbrella® fabric resting on an attractive espresso, all-weather woven base and three coordinating toss pillows in earth tones. Its versatile size makes it great for smaller spaces or a wonderful conversation area for a larger outdoor area. Sectional...89“L, 57“D, 34“H. Ottoman...32“W, 26“D, 17“H. “Like” Weir's Facebook page for your chance to enter the sweepstakes and be sure to share the offer with your friends for a bonus entry! The offer ends tonight at 9pm.

Wipe Off Menu

This little thing is so handy! I found this link on Pintrest. It is a wipe off menu board. You need the following supplies: 1. Frame (any size, I used 8x10) 2. Paper (I used scrapbook paper to give it a little decoration) 3. Dry Erase marker I created a word document to state "Weekly Menu" and then put the days of the week. This allows me to plan my meals for the week and shop accordingly. Love it! Thank you to Make and Takes for the great idea!

It's growing!

As I've mentioned before, we started a vegtable garden back on Earth Day, or April 22. I planted a whole bunch of seeds in hopes that my "green thumb" would work. Sure enough, two weeks later I have a whole bunch of little seedlings! The three of us are so excited. It's been a great teaching experience for my son. He helped plant the seeds and just loves to check on them every morning before we leave. Since I came home, about three hours later, we've had our pea plants sprout. That's the part that excites him the most. He leaves then comes back and we have plants. "Momma ewerythwing is here!!!!". Love that! Ok, now I need some opinions. My husband had plant a ton of green beans. The last two rows are all green bean plants. The package says to thin out to 1 plant every 4 inches once they have 4 leaves. Hubby thinks its ok to leave as it is? Has anyone else tried having a lot in a tight space? I am trying to make an "educated" decisi