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Whole Foods Giveaway

Click on the picture above and "like" Dallas Family Medicine's Facebook page to be entered in a drawing to WIN a $200 giftcard to Whole Foods. They are giving away a crd everyday until May 4th. This is a great store for anyone trying to eat healthy, live green, or just get groceries. I love my local Whole Foods.


If you haven't heard of it yet, you need to check out Sneakpeaq. They are offering up a free $10 credit when you sign-up for their site. I love site's like this. They have high-end products but deeply discounted prices. Then on top of the discount you get $10 off any purchase... sweet! Right now CoCo Draws has their wall decals 80% off. You can use your credit and get gorgeous decals for only $4 shipped. Just go here and check it out for yourself! ALSO!! If your new to sneakpeaq they are giving you a free pearl ring ($59 value) and FREE shipping just for signing up! Hope everyone has fun shopping! :)

Favorite Things

Every Saturday I decided I would post a few of my favorite things. My new FAVORITE thing are these Annie's fruit snacks in tropical punch flavor. I was expecting to get some gross cardboard like snacks. I was definitely wrong. They are great and super fruity tasting. My little man loves them too. I like the fact that I can give him his fruit snacks like he craves and know that at least they are organic so its a step in the right direction. Smoothie King has a strawberry Slim 'n Trim smoothie that is great for an on the go breakfast. It has a hint of coconut to it too which makes it kind of tropical. {I think I've got a pattern here ;) }It's supposed to aid in weightloss and it helps keep me full so I don't snack in between meals. I'm awful at snacking!


So far we are really liking the Paleo diet. We don't follow it 100% of the time, but I try to make at least one meal and all snacks Paleo. Working on getting there though! We are also trying to live a more "clean" lifestyle. It's great because it is something the whole family has been able to really get into. For Earth Day we decided to build an 8x4 vegtable garden. Little man LOVES to water the garden. I also made my own laundry soap! I haven't gotten to use it yet though because I want to use up the old stuff first, but I am looking forward to it. It was so easy and cheap to make that I think it will be the only way we do our soap from now on. I am looking for a similar recipe for dish soap and other home goods. The next project we are looking into is a laundry line. Any thoughts and opinions from those who have used one before? Here is the link to the soap I made. :)

Been a while...

Hope everyone had an awesome Easter! I know it has been a while since I have posted... life got a little crazy. My son began having a lot of seizures so we have been trying to get everything figured out. It's all good now though. Another thing I have been doing a lot of lately is working out. Trying to get back to being healthy and just get my family on the right track. I have lost a total of 33 pounds in one year. And since I have started using a personal trainer I am down 8.25 inches. Very excited! Now I am taking our family on a new journey.... I am working on getting my personal training certification. I am also converting us to the Paleo diet. Should be an interesting one because anything with the word "diet" freaks my husband out. Can't wait to post the results and the stories along the way!