Friday, June 15, 2012

Get organized!

So I have decided to start a little segment called "Get Organized". All of my friends and co-workers make fun of me because I am OCD about organization. I could LIVE in the Container Store. Hubby wouldn't like that too much though ;). But they always say "I will pay you to make me organized" so I thought I would share all my lovely techniques and internet finds. I am converting to WordPress soon and will be able to link these all together then.

Today's find that I will share is the Excel spreadsheet I use to keep up with grocery spending and savings. I found it from a fellow blogger, The Coupon Project. She has a free download available on her blog. It's amazing. You just punch in your numbers and it does all the work. I even like how you can set your budget for the month and it lets you know how much you have left to spend for the month. This really helps me stay on target with my grocery shopping and spending. Another piece of advice... never taking my hubby to the store again! He spends to much. Dropped my savings from 72% to 33% one day... crazy fool. ;)

Check out her download and blog here: The Coupon Project.

The Coupon Project

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