Tuesday, June 5, 2012

School Blues

Why does the cost of an education seem to do nothing but go up? I mean really, when I first started college it was $1500 a semester. Now I am looking at $4000 a semester. In tough times like these, who can afford that?! Oh well. Guess I need to start planting a money tree for when my son is 18. :))

I signed little man up for gymnastics. I am so excited! He loves to "flip over" so I bet he will love this! His party is coming up this weekend. Everyday I hear him sing Happy Birthday to you little man. Hehe it's so cute.I ordered the cutest little gift bags. I will be posting pictures as soon as we get them back for all to see.

Our garden is FINALLY starting to produce some veggie's. When I watered them yesterday I noticed SEVERAL different flowers on the squash plant, so that gives me hope. It's the first time I have planted a garden using seeds instead of the pre-grown stuff. I figured if I was going to spend all that money for pre-grown plants I should just go to Publix and buy them, you know? Pointless to me.

I have many reviews and giveaways I need to get posted, so keep an eye out over the next two days!! :)) Good luck everyone!


The Cantrell's

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