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Trash to Treasure Tuesday

My husband and I have decided to venture into the "Trash to Treasure" business. I love it! I love painting or fixing things up. It is totally up my "alley" as my hubby would say. I am a sucker for buying lottery tickets so over the weekend hubby told me to stop and get some Powerball tickets. Well I couldn't resist and got a scratch off while I was at it. We like to play the $20 ones. I won $100! I was so excited. I used that money to buy a piece to refinish and then to buy some supplies I knew I would need for this and future projects. On my local garage sale site I found a cute table for $15. A steal right? I was so sad when I realized I didn't take a before picture. It was solid wood though.

We went a picked it up and brought it home. Hubby sanded it (which was optional but it had some scuffs so we wanted to make it more evened out) then I began painting. One coat didn't seem to be enough.

So I did a second coat...

And finally a third coat. I think the third time was a charm for this piece. Each one will be different depending on the color and look you are trying to achieve. We let it dry for 24 hours and then while I was at work hubby sanded it and waxed/sealed it. Here is the final product.

I think it turned out great! I am so excited! We have about $30 invested in this piece and I am trying to sell it for $50. Hoping it sells well and we can do this on the side to make a little extra money. :)

Have you ever tried to chalk paint anything? How did you like it?

Hope to see you tomorrow :)

The Cantrell's


  1. What an exciting new hobby/business, indeed! This is great, the table looks exquisite! I wish you guys well.

  2. You did a great job on this one. I think I would like to make a project like this. I have an old dresser that needs a makeover.

  3. That was so worth the investment. I am totally impressed with how it came out.

  4. We see so many things in the garbage that could easily be restored or sometimes that even don't need restored. So wasteful. It's nice to see someone upcycling (is that the right term?). You did a great job.

  5. My friend recently started doing stuff like this and opened up her own Etsy store and is making a killing! Good luck with it!

  6. I just admire people like you who has patience on redoing stuff. I wish I had that skills.

    Mhar Sefcik


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