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School :))

So I am FINALLY registered for classes again. I am going back to work on my accounting degree... this time... I have changed it SO many times but I am almost done so lets hope that I just finish this one before switching. :)
It amazes me how much the school bookstores can charge you for your textbooks. It's like robbery! I was looking and for my 5 classes, my textbooks would be $940. Ridiculous! I will be bargain shopping online for some cheaper books for sure. I LOVE to use Big Words. They allow you to price compare all the major textbook websites.
Little man got BIG BOY underwear last night. He was so happy. We got him the package that has all the different Disney Pixar movies. He loves Pixar movies. On the way home last night he inisted that he held them and he wouldn't take his eyes off them. It was super cute. :)
My hubby's birthday is coming up. I hate when I have to shop for him, actually I love it and tend to buy him too much, but only because I don't know what he WANTS. I always know what he needs but times like your birthday you should get WANTS fulfilled. Thats my opinion anyways. He's not in to techy type stuff, and I feel like he owns every hunting thing know to man already. No clue. Any suggestions? :)


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So I am hoping by bringing back this blog, I will be able to hold myself more accountable in my weightloss/fitness journey. April 2014 I weighed 142 and wore a size 4/6. May I found out I was pregnant with my second son. I was excited but at the same time stressed because I had just went from a 12 to my 4/6 after my first son. Loosing weight after kids is SO not easy. January I decided to get serious and try and loose the rest of this baby weight. I had finally gotten life into a routine and it was go time. I started out at 169 and a size 10. I went to boot-camp 4-5x a week and cut out fast food and soda from my diet completely. Well then summer vacation hit and having kids home 7 days a week with me and having one playing Allstar Baseball has led to more convenience rather than healthy. So today, I am starting out at a size 8 and 162lbs. I have decided to try and do intermittent fasting for the first go round. A friend of mine recommended this book and it has me hooked.  So s

~Gift for me~

So I decided to buy myself a gift. Sure is cute isn't it! Getting ready to take little man to gymnastics practice. Afterwards, getting my hair done. First time since May! How crazy! I used to go every 3-4 weeks for highlights but life has been way to crazy lately. We are thinking of taking man to the local fair this weekend. He has never been big enough to ride the rides before so we haven't taken him to one since he was 3 months old. Bet he will love it. :) The big state fair is in two weeks and we are def. doing that one. Looking forward to fall! I love to make homemade pumpkin pie's and decorating. Best time of year! What is your favorite time of year? XoXo, The Cantrell's

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